Using Thermal Imaging for

Energy Efficiency Inspections

Thermal imaging is outside the normal scope of a home inspection, however PGR Home Inspections uses the technology as if it were a everyday tool to help detect and locate hidden issues.  Many inspectors charge extra to provide this service where PGR Home Inspections provides the technology at NO ADDITIONAL COST.  Thermal imaging can be used to detect numerous issues that you wouldn’t normally be able to see which helps serve as a valuable quality control tool.

Infrared radiation is released by all objects and more radiation is given off as the temperature increases. This technology allows us to see the light within the heat spectrum to help locate issues such as these:

  • Roof and Ceiling Leaks

  • Structural Issues

  • Missing Insulation and/or Improperly Installed Insulation

  • Ventilation issues

  • Duct-work Leaks

  • Faulty Wiring

  • Heat or conditioned air loss/ leakage

My goal is to provide you with the best inspection possible and using this technology will assist with that.

Missing insulation

In this picture you can clearly see where the attic is missing insulation.  The part of the ceiling pictured in blue has plenty of insulation, helping to maintain temperatures in the living space below.  In the summer hot air will pass through this portion of the ceiling quicker that the other areas increasing the rooms temperature ultimately resulting in your AC unit to run longer to cool the space.

Heat loss around a window

Windows are always a great area to use the thermal imaging camera.  In this picture you can see the cooler areas shown in blue and green which are the framing of the house and window.  The parts in red, again are areas that insulation is missing.  Although hard to tell from this picture this window is a lower grade vinyl material.  You can see the red outlining the window showing the air leakage.

Overheating lightswitch

Its no secret that issues with faulty wiring can turn into a catastrophic situation like a house fire.  These type of potential major issues can easily go unnoticed without the use of thermal imaging.  In this picture it is evident that there is something wrong with the wiring and/or switch causing it to over heat.  The switch on the far right looks to be operating normally.  Recommendation would be to have a licensed electrician evaluate and repair as soon as possible.

All inspections include Thermal Imaging at NO Extra Cost!  To me Thermal Imaging is just another tool I use to help provide a quality inspection that you deserve.

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