Pre-Drywall Inspection Services at PGR Home Inspections

At PGR Home Inspections, we offer Pre-Drywall Inspections. This specialized service is designed to give homeowners and builders an essential insight into their property’s condition before the drywall is installed.

What is a Pre-Drywall Inspection?

Pre-drywall inspections are conducted after the installation of certain elements—like the framing, electrical and plumbing systems, and HVAC—but before the drywall is put up. This timing is crucial as it allows for a thorough inspection of the building’s structural integrity, electrical wiring, plumbing lines, and HVAC systems, which will be concealed behind walls and ceilings once the construction progresses.

Pre-Drywall Inspection

Why Choose Pre-Drywall Inspection?

Our inspectors can identify any potential structural problems in the framing stage. This early detection can save you significant costs and headaches down the line.

plumbing systems

We meticulously check the electrical wiring and plumbing systems. Any errors caught at this stage can be corrected easily, ensuring your home’s safety and functionality.


Our experts ensure that your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are properly installed and meet the necessary standards.


With our pre-drywall inspection, you gain peace of mind knowing that your new home is being built to the highest quality standards.

Our Process

Detailed Inspection

We conduct a thorough examination of your property, focusing on critical areas hidden behind walls and ceilings.

Comprehensive Report

Following the inspection, you will receive a detailed report that includes findings, photographs, and recommendations.

Expert Recommendations

We provide professional advice on any necessary repairs or adjustments, guiding you on the next steps.

Why PGR Home Inspections?

At PGR Home Inspections, we’re committed to excellence. We bring expertise and attention to detail to every inspection. We believe in empowering our clients with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their property.

A pre-drywall inspection by PGR Home Inspections is an investment in your property’s future. It’s not just an inspection; it’s assurance that your new home is safe, sound, and built to last.

PGR Home Inspections

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