Annual Home Maintenance Inspection

Do you know the overall condition of your home?

Over time critical components of your home can breakdown, wearout, rot, and stop working overall. Many times serious issues may be present without you even knowing. Continued preventive maintenance is the cheapest and easiest ways to ensure your home will stand up to our Charleston, SC weather. You may have leaks occurring in your home or crawlspace that you didn’t know existed that could potentially cost you thousands if not caught in time. Maybe you have defective or failed GFCI’s present that could result in shock or damage to equipment.

During your annual maintenance inspection PGR Home Inspections will get in every safely accessible nook and cranny looking for possible leaks, moisture intrusion issues, structural concerns and safety issues. Very much like a standard General Home Inspection, I will be inspecting all the majors systems in the home including but not limited to the following and providing you with a thorough report detailing any defects found so that you can get them corrected before more damage occurs.

  • All exterior components

  • Roof

  • Foundation

  • HVAC

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing


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