Mold Inspection


If you are concerned that you may have a mold problem in your home, then you should consider having a complete mold inspection done on your home.  You can count on me to provide you with a 100% unbiased analysis of your home, as I am not affiliated with any other restoration/ remediation company.  It is a conflict of interest that I highly recommend you avoid.  

When I arrive, I will do a complete visual inspection of the property, using moisture meters, humidity gauges, and thermal imaging to help locate areas that may be affected.  Good and bad mold can occur in many different areas and nearly 80% of mold spores are airborne and not visible, making it even more important to collect samples. Typically one indoor air sample is taken for every 800-1000 square feet of house and one outdoor control sample.  If visible mold is found, I will take a swab or tape sample and once the inspection is completed all samples are sent to the lab for analysis the same day.  InspectorLab then generates a report generally within 24 hours.  


Lack of proper ventilation in the home can cause moisture build up.  Ventilation can become so poor that it actually looks like the ceiling is raining.  Charleston is naturally humid in the summertime, which does not help homes that do not have proper ventilation.

Mold thrives when moisture is present, therefore leaking pipes and the material surrounding it are common areas mold may be present.  As part of your yearly home maintenance it is a good idea to check under your cabinets, and all your plumbing connections for even the smallest drips.  What seems like a small issue can cause major headaches over time.  

Thermal imaging plays a major role when inspecting the roof structure for possible water intrusion.  Thermal cameras can detect moisture issues making it a lot easier to track down and prevent a possible mold issue.  

Disconnected or leaky ducts can spread unwanted conditioned air, humidity, and moisture to areas that you don't want it.  Duct leaks can help promote mold growth and the use of thermal imaging and moisture meters help track down those issues so that they can be corrected.

InspectorLab mold/safe accuracy guarantee

InspectorLab offers the "Mold|Safe Accuracy Guarantee", the only mold warranty in the country. The Mold|Safe Accuracy Guarantee provides coverage up to $3,000 for remediation of any visible mold for 90 days after an inspection when the inspection report indicates no visible mold or problematic mold counts in the air.


Adhering to the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants (IAC2) Standards of Practice.  Please follow the link to view the SOP

IAC2 Standards of Practice


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