Mold Inspection


If you are concerned that you may have a mold problem in your home, then you should consider having a complete mold inspection done on your home.  You can count on me to provide you with a 100% unbiased analysis of your home, as I am not affiliated with any other restoration/ remediation company.  It is a conflict of interest that I highly recommend you avoid.  

Mold thrives in areas with high moisture, high humidity, and poor ventilation. As we all know Charleston is naturally humid, therefore without proper home maintenance it is easier than you think to develop issues that may promote mold growth.

*****I structure my mold inspection pricing slightly different than most companies. Rather than charging you $200-300 for an inspection and then charge you for samples on top of that, with PGR Home Inspections the fee is on a per sample basis. If I believe only two samples are needed, then that’s all you pay for. Mold testing is, in my opinion, expensive enough therefore I don’t believe you should have to empty your wallet to determine if you have a potential major mold issue going on.*****

Upon arrival at your home you can expect the inspection to proceed as follows:

  1. A complete visual non-invasive inspection of the home will take place. I will give extra attention to the “problem areas” you help point out as well.

  2. I will use moisture meters, humidity gauge, thermal imaging and my knowledge of building science to try and determine what is causing the moisture issues and where water intrusion may be occurring. Mold thrives in high moisture/ high humidity areas.

  3. After completing the visual inspection we will discuss where I recommend samples be taken and the total number of samples recommended to ensure we get the best analysis of the condition of your home. Roughly 80% of the mold spores present are airborne so even if we don’t see physical mold I will still recommend air sampling. Typically, I recommend one air sample for every 800-1000 square feet.

  4. Once all samples are collected I will deliver them to InspectorLab for analysis. Results are generally returned the following day!

InspectorLab mold/safe accuracy guarantee

InspectorLab offers the "Mold|Safe Accuracy Guarantee", the only mold warranty in the country. The Mold|Safe Accuracy Guarantee provides coverage up to $3,000 for remediation of any visible mold for 90 days after an inspection when the inspection report indicates no visible mold or problematic mold counts in the air.


Adhering to the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants (IAC2) Standards of Practice.  Please follow the link to view the SOP

IAC2 Standards of Practice


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Don't let your house get to this point.  Get a mold inspection today!

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