Tips To Help Maintain Your Home

Your home has a lot of moving parts to it.  Whether you are a first time home buyer or have purchased multiple homes, it is always a good idea to keep up with your home's maintenance. 

Each home inspection comes with THE ULTIMATE HOME BOOK.  A 96 page booklet equipped with home maintenance tip, energy saving tips and educates you on how your home works! 

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Southern Home Winterization

Obviously we do not have the typical winter weather like the northern states receive, but there are still plenty of items to check off the list when it comes to maintaining your home during the winter months. 

Follow the link below for some great ideas!

House Logic Winter Maintenance Ideas

Spring and Summer Maintenance Tips

Spring and Summer have arrived, which means strong rain storms, heat, humidity and AC, AC, AC and more AC!!! If you haven't already done so towards the end of winter, early spring is a great time to take care of diagnosing and/or servicing your AC unit.  Maintaining your home can be overwhelming at times, but follow these suggestions and maintain a routine to stay on top of that to-do-list.


HGTV Spring Tips

House Logic Spring & Summer Tips

The Nest Ultimate Summer Tips




HVAC Systems Maintenance

Your home's heating and cooling system and all its supply and return ductwork is a major part of the home.  Many people are not aware that over time air leaks can form at the connection points within the ductwork resulting in heating and cooling loss, decreased system efficiencies, and ultimately higher utility costs.  Properly maintaining and servicing your HVAC system can help you save in the short term and long term by helping it to run at its efficiency rating and extending its life. 

HGTV Ductwork Tips

House Logic Tips to Extend the Life of Your HVAC System